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Are you looking for a hemp-derived product that doesn’t get you high like THC if you eat it raw but only if you heat it? Let’s look at how you are able to achieve a range of effects with THCa Flower!

What is THCa Flower

THCa is the acidic form of THC, full name: tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. As a cannabis plant matures and its buds grow, its terpene and cannabinoid content begin to develop.

THCa is a compound that is abundant in raw cannabis plants. After the plant is harvested and dried, THCa slowly converts to THC, the compound in cannabis chiefly responsible for a euphoric high. However, when you purchase cannabis, these dried buds still contain mostly THCa—not THC. In order to convert the rest of the THCa into THC, you must apply heat by smoking the buds with a lighter or by vaporizing them.

This conversion process of turning THCa into THC is called decarboxylation, because it involves removing carbon atoms from carbon chains. The process is necessary for the psychoactive effects typically associated with cannabis use.

Backed by the federal farm bill, THCa has to have less than 0.03% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like to experience the psychoactive effects of traditional THC, THCA hemp flower might be the perfect option!

Benefits of THCa Flowers

While research on THCa is still in its early stages, there is growing evidence to suggest that it may have a range of potential health benefits. It has the potential to help with:

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Various studies suggest that THCa may help reduce inflammation and related symptoms by acting on specific receptors and signaling pathways in the body. This could be beneficial in the management of inflammatory conditions for our skin.

In addition, a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that THCa can reduce inflammation in human colon cell lines. Another study published in the Journal of Natural Products showed that THCa can inhibit the production of inflammatory molecules in macrophages, which are important immune cells that play a role in inflammation.

Neuro-protective Effects

Some research indicates that THCa may have neuroprotective effects. A study conducted on animal models found that THCa was able to protect neurons from damage and improve motor function in mice with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Another study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics showed that THCa can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain, which are two key factors that contribute to the development of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Although more research is needed to understand the relationship between neuro-protective effects and THCa flower, we are hopeful that more advancements can be made!

Muscle Spasms

A few studies have demonstrated that THCa may have the potential to reduce muscle spasms and help with pain, however, more research is needed to better understand the underlying mechanisms and verify these findings.

For example, a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology showed that THCa can reduce pain and inflammation in mice with chronic inflammation. Another study published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research found that THCa can reduce muscle spasms in a rat model of multiple sclerosis.

Anti-Nausea and Appetite Stimulation

Though THC is a popular product with individuals looking for alternatives to help with nausea and lack of appetite, a study on animal models showed that THCa could potentially exhibit similar effects without the psychoactive component. This could be especially beneficial for individuals undergoing medical treatments, which often cause nausea and appetite loss.

The study, published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, found that THCa can reduce nausea and increase appetite in rats. The researchers suggested that THCa may interact with specific receptors in the brain that regulate these functions.

How to use THCa Flower

This can be enjoyed through various methods, including smokable options, rolling papers, vaporizers, and edibles.

It is important to keep in mind that THCa is non-psychoactive raw, but if you would like marijuana like effects, you can achieve them by heating it. We recommend you start with a low dose and gradually increase it until the desired effects are achieved.

We also encourage you to experiment with different methods to maximize the benefits of THCa hemp flowers.

What makes our products different?

We go through strenuous research and find amazing growers to have the best quality THCa Flower.

We strive to be the “Baskin Robbins” of flowers and have a multitude of strains to choose from.

A variety of Indica, hybrid, and Sativa Strains.
In the store, you will have the great experience of us weighing the flower in front of you instead of it being pre-jarred.

Comparison between different strains we offer

Whatever alignments you may have, GH will have the right strain for you.

Indica and Indica Hybrids:

  • Relaxing. Helps muscles relax and slow racing thoughts.
  • Sedating. Great for insomnia. Get a great night’s sleep without the side effects of over the counter medication.
  • Appetite-inducing. Yep, “the munchies” aren’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you have a low appetite due to a medical condition or treatment.
  • Nausea-soothing. Help with nausea and keeping food down.


  • Mood Lift. Can uplift your mood when you are having a bad day.
  • Enhances creativity. Need a creative boost? Get ready to pull out the pencil or paintbrush.
  • Help you relax. After a long day, hybrids will help take the edge off.
  • Versatile effects. Hybrids are a mix of indica and sativa, getting the best of both worlds.
  • Can be relaxing. which can help with sleep management.
  • Can be energizing to help with fatigue. Some hybrids will have sativa effects that won’t make you sleepy.

Sativa & Sativa Hybrids:

  • Elevating mood. Need a good laugh? Sativa’s are great mood enhancers.
  • Boosting focus and creativity. Great way if you need help finishing a project.
  • Increasing energy to reduce fatigue. If you are in for a long work day or need a boost for chores at home.
  • Stimulating the appetite. You may want to get into those sweets you’ve been hiding.
  • Providing relief for muscle/joint discomfort and some digestive issues.
  • Useful for individuals with ADHD. While they provide energy, they also increase focus.

What does taking THCa Flower Feel like?

THCa will have some of the same effects that regular marijuana users may feel. Without THCa, we wouldn’t have THC or the numerous health benefits attributed to it.

In its raw form, it has the potential to provide therapeutic effects, including relaxation, improved mood, and relief from nausea. Keep in mind that once the flower is heated, it turns to THC, so it will have effects that are similar to marijuana. These effects may vary due to factors like individual biology, tolerance, and dosage, as well as if you have any other substances in your system.

How long does it take for THCa Flower to start working?

It is important to note that the onset time varies depending on the method and individual factors. This can be your genetics, previous exposure to THCa, whether it’s consumed with other products, etc.

Generally, if you are vaping or smoking it, THCa flowers can produce results within minutes, as it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. If you are consuming it with or as an edible, it can take 30 minutes to 2 hours, as the compounds must be metabolized by the liver before entering the bloodstream.

How to find the best THCa Flower for you

Are you in the market for the best quality THCa Flower you can find? Here are a few factors for you to look into before deciding!

  1. Reputable Retailer – One of the most important factors when deciding where to purchase THCa flowers is your provider. At GH Cannabis, we work with the highest-quality hemp to provide consumers with the best experience. Be sure to ask retailers about their purity and strength to assure you get what you pay for!
  2. Research the Strains- Because strains have varying levels of THCA and other cannabinoids, be sure to research them and their typical THCA content so you can get the desired effect you are looking for!
  3. Smell and Appearance – High Quality THCA flowers should have vibrant colors, dense crystals, and a strong aroma. Look to avoid brown, musty, or mold-like appearances.

Why Buy THCa Flower Near Me Online with OrderGreen?

At, we have worked over the years to perfect the quality of products that our customers have come to expect. With our focus on quality control and providing thorough third-party testing for all of our products, we work to provide you with the best experience possible when you buy THCa Flower online!

Feel free to check out all of our high-quality products on our shop page. We are also happy to help with any other needs/requirements you may have by contacting us!

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