THCa Cartridges



Our THCa Cartridges are made with 100% natural premium cannabis oils and strain-specific terpenes, without cutting or diluting. Terpenes are extracted through distillation of strain-specific cannabis resin and shatter. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority. THCa Cartridges are produced legally and responsibly by Ph.D. chemists, testing at over 95%. Please Note: High-quality Cartridges with ceramic wick atomizers absorb oil after filling, and some cartridges may appear under-filled due to the wick priming.

These Cartridges are powerful *Try taking small doses of these Cartridges at a time*



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Keylime Zest – Sativa, Whipped Orange – Sativa, Pinkonade Razzberry – Hybrid, Cantaloupe Slushy – Hybrid, Peachy Bombay – Indica, Sugar Monster – Indica


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